Thursday, 12 June 2014


Early strength training with Macca this morning. Started in the dark on the Basketball court at Grahams and knocked out one of DC's sessions from earlier in the year. I brought a couple of weight plates and a print-out of the session. All went pretty well. Macca is looking to do it twice a week.

I bought a 2 session bike pass last week and I had to use the second one today. Rode up though Thredbo which was a bit dull frankly. Good work-out though.

Had some good news from the Osteo today with my foot pain most likely being bruising and inflammation of the fat pad rather than PF. I have a shoe insert to wear for 3-4 weeks so hopefully that will help. Biggest problem is walking barefoot and in non supportive shoes rather than running.


Justin Bromley said...

Thats what I reckon I've got as well... Justin

Charlie said...

3-4 weeks in soft shoes Justin with some stretching of the calf and ankle and rolling the bottom of the foot with a golf ball.

Justin Bromley said...

No heel padding insert for the shoes?

Charlie said...

Yeah I have these blue heel pads in the work shoes.