Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Warrior Christmas Special

One of the big events of the year. 50 people showed up for one of the toughest and hottest sessions all year.
Started out with a loop of the Art Gallery and then run to the stairs for 10 pushups, doubles, 10 dips all x 3, run to the Butler stairs and back, repeat pushups-stair-dip set. (finished third just behind 1 and 2)

Wall-of-death - 50 declines, 50 dips. 2 run loops of 2 minutes.


Snake run down the PP stairs, up cliff stairs, down Butler, up Cliff back to the park near the power stations for the beer run. Drink beer at bottom of stairs, sprint to top and back down power station stairs.

Listen to Warrior's end-of-year speech; "You are all all incredible people"...."No-one works harder than you guys"..."I work with pro surfers, NRL teams, NRL referees, and other athletes but you guys are my favorites because you are like family."

I was completely pumped to do a whole other session after that:)

1 comment:

Tim said...

Nice work Warrior Charlie, and that speech nearly brings a tear to my eye :)
Have a great xmas and New year. Catch you in 2014