Monday, 29 September 2014

Warrior Tombstones

28 degrees and sunny felt very hot after recent weather. Up on the Cahill there was no respite from the heat as we did your run to the stairs with 5 sets on the Bridge Pylon and 5 sets on the stairs down to Cumberland St (all with 10 pushups between them). A run back to the bus stop for 25, 20, 15,10 inclines and dips before a run down to the CQ stairs (3sets) back to the bus stop and 1 minute of right leg step ups, 50 declines, one minute left leg step ups, 50 squat jumps. Ran back to tombstones and 3 laps of the grassy hill. 100abs and then did a 3 minute loop of the triangles, 25 inclines, 3 minutes on the grassy hill.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Manly to City via Mosman and Cremorne point

JB's idea and it sounded good a few days ago but not so good this morning. Wayne Davis drove past and offered a lift at one stage and I was tempted. The climb to Balgowlah Heights is a tough start but everything feels flat after that. Turned into a great morning running around Cremorne Point (tempted again by the ferry pulling into the wharf) which JB had never done. Struggled a bit up to the bridge but finished strongly.

18.3k in 1:34.

Not much flat

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Manly Strength

Hard to get out of bed after playing tennis last night (lost again) and with a bit of rain at 5:30 it was tempting to sleep in. Dragged myself out of bed putting back on my tennis gear and driving down to the beach. Small turnout with Iain and Shar so we did a hybrid session of the usual warm-up followed by a 30 minute circuit including weighted lunges (20), side lifts (20), bent leg-lift/knee-to-chest (20), 4 point hops (5 each leg), curtsy lunges (20) and 3 sets of stairs. I think I got through all of them 4 times and was pretty stuffed by the end. Finished with a plank hold and some other abb work. Not too nice in the surf but had a quick dip to finish.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Spent a great 4 day weekend in Boomerang Beach with the family, Hislops and Karen, Scott and Jack. Not much running but plenty of surfing, swimming, touch footy and golf.

Did a short run yesterday from Elizabeth Beach over the headland to Six Mile Beach and back. Very steep and technical but a great run anyway with sensational views.

Today was a Warrior session which was just tough for all the running. 5 sets of the Butler stairs then over to the goldfish park and then running over to Loftus for a couple of reps of that. With the run home I was pretty spent.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Lost Boys

Met Dr Skins over the Bridge. Holy crap! Almost didn't recognise him. I think we need to bring in the drug testers because James has developed huge shoulders, chest and arms lifting weights 4 times/week. He says he is on a special eating plan with supplements - whatever it is it is working.....

We ran down past Luna Park and then up the stairs to BPR, down past Balls Head and along my old running trail (15 years ago) to Berry Island and Greenwich. Very technical and lots of hills and stairs so it was slow going. The 8th k took 8 minutes. Ended up working bloody hard and it was a relief to come out at Wollstoncraft Station and run back to the Bridge via North Sydney.

14k all up in 1:20.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Manly Strength

Had been neglecting the strength work for a month and it showed today. I was wobbly from the start of the weighted lunges and everything was hard to do. Just Iain, Jono, Shar and their daughter joining today.

Iain put together an interesting session with the usual warm-up followed by 5 reps of the alphabet one foot balance + weighted lunges and three point hops followed by a brutal set of 5 x jumping lunges + frog jumps (20) and side plank leg raises. We then did a 10 minute abb session which also hurt.

Spectacular morning but the water is still pretty bracing.

Liv (left) after winning her Grand Final last week 4-0

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Recovery Run - Corporate Cup

legs felt tired from yesterday and 3 sets of tennis last night.

Beautiful weather. Rolled around the course in 27:46 - 4:42 pace. High Fived Elle near the BCP.

8.4k all up.