Thursday, 30 October 2014

HuRTS 6x1k

1k intervals off rolling 5 minutes. I was quicker than expected given my lack of fitness and the heat. I was getting solid adrenaline boosts at the 200m and 600m mark which no doubt helped. Ran just behind TKS and JW most reps with Tom and Barts pacing for the last couple. JW called out "come on fatso' on the final rap which spurred me to catch him by the end.

I wimped the 4 rep and only did 600m at 3:42 pace

Reps went: 3:42, 3:44, 3:45, 3:42 (600m), 3:46, 3:42 - 20:52 for 5.6k. If I ran that at JP Morgan I would be ecstatic.

10.5k all up.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Hercules Hernadez Memorial

From Jesse:

It is with great sadness that I write to you of the passing of Adam Weir. Adam was close with many of the Team Warrior family and he will be missed by many. The details of his funeral are at the bottom of the email and many of us will attend this Friday. 

If would be great if  we can all wear black at tomorrows session as a sign of respect. 

Charlie has also sent a small overview of Adam for us all to remember him by

Along with today’s cohort of Timmy Smart, Mike Morrison and Charlie Dalziell, Adam Weir was one of the original members of Team Warrior from when it all started back in 1997. At one stage, in the early days, numbers had dwindled to a level that was threatening to make it not worthwhile for the Warrior to travel in to do the sessions. Adam and Mike got together and underwrote the sessions, effectively guaranteeing Rob a minimum number of participants and revenue. Through Adam and Mike’s efforts, the popularity of the group grew rapidly into the CBD institution it is today. Adam kept a relatively low profile but his regular attendance over 18 years and close friendship with the Warrior, solidified through their Palm Beach connection, had him dubbed Hercules Hernandez after the famous wrestler from the 80s and 90s.  Hercules wasn’t the quickest runner in the team but few could match him in UBMs, especially when it came to the chin-up bars. Outside training Adam had very close personal and professional relationships with a large number of the squad including Mike, Tim, Charlie, Captain of UBMs, Garth, GP, Warrior and many others. He was always organising something somewhere, whether it was drinks, dinners, footy matches, skiing trips or just a day at the beach with the kids, he was always the one rallying the troops and making it happen. Adam was an amazing guy who started-up and ran his own successful boutique broking and advisory firm as well as, along with his wife Neen, being a passionate advocate for overseas adoption. He and Neen have 3 adopted Korean children and have been high profile lobbyists against government red tape hampering overseas adoption for Australian couples.
Black clothing and armbands

So we all turned up in black (me wearing women's black stockings on my head - looked cool) and punched out the newly named Hercules Hernandez Triple Header which included a loop around the art gallery followed by a run to the PP stairs for 3 sets of stairs (singles) + 10 pushups at the start of each set, run to Butler stairs and back down the road for 3 sets doubles with the pushups, run to cliff stairs and back and 3 sets of singles, doubles, bounces, and pushups. Finish at the wall of death.

Must have had a 10 minute plank waiting for everyone to finish before we did 50 declines, 50 dips, 40 & 40, 30 & 30, 20 & 20, 10 & 10 - very tough.

Some abs and a minute's silence and we all jogged home. Warrior gave a stirring speech as usual about us all being family and how we can all talk to one another if we have problems.

A minute's silence

I have had the week from hell with 2 funerals; one last Monday and Adam's on Friday at which I am a pall bearer. Monday was a school friend of mine who dropped dead mountain biking 10 days ago with a massive heart attack. Fit guy, carrying zero extra weight, dead in an instant. Scared the crap out of me. I'm worried these things come in threes.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Corridors of Power

Just in case you didn't realise how important I am:

Old school friends

Friday, 24 October 2014

RIP Weirdo

My good mate of 21 years Adam Weir (Weirdo) died suddenly last night. He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer but hadn't told anyone but his wife Neen so his death has come as a massive shock to all who knew him.

He was one of those blokes I admired enormously for his passion for life, his commitment to his family, his entrepreneurial spirit and his amazing social network. He had incredible reserves of energy which he applied to his business, his clients, his family and building and maintaining his friendships. He was always organising something somewhere, whether it was a ski trip to Hotham or just dinner and drinks, he was always the one rallying the troops and making it all happen. Like his business, which he started, and which had been running for 14 years his energy and passion kept it going through all market conditions - something I was always in awe of.

He and I had some great times - Annual boys ski trips, where I usually followed him stupidly down the hardest runs the mountain had to offer, often cursing him all the way down. Once I even dislocated my shoulder in a crash at the bottom of Mary's Slide in Hotham but Adam helped me ski 5k back out and put me in the banana chair to go to hospital. We had dozens of big nights, big dinners, trips to the footy and beach with our kids and we were both founding members of the Warrior Crew back in 1997 so we did plenty of training together. He was a great mate and his passing has left a hole in my life that can't be filled.

Weirdo leaves behind his amazing wife Neen and 3 kids which is tragic beyond thinking about. The fallout from this will go on for years and I doubt the full implications have hit me properly even now.

We had an emotional memorial Warrior session for Weirdo (Hercules Hernandez Warrior calls him) which included the super circuit which turned out to be a massive outpouring of emotion as well as energy. I am wrecked.

Life is so precious and short, don't take a second for granted.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Man Flu

Struck down on Sunday which lead to me taking Monday arvo and Tuesday off work. Did a great 9k hike on Saturday from Little Beach to Maitland Bay and back. Excellent camping at Little Beach.

Today did an easy detox run over to Rushcutters and back. Did some strength stuff as well but otherwise went very easy.

Clear, warm spring day.

6k all up.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Easy does it

No strength today as I went surfing with Alec instead.

Lunch was an easy run with MhO around Darling Point, down to Double Bay and back. Ran to Rushcutters with HuRTs and then ran back with them. Still felt a bit flat and happy with just knocking out 9k.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

Legs felt heavy, gut was playing up, wind was blowing a gale, I was feeling depressed being nominated for the Serg award and frankly I don't like doing Corporate Cup. Wanted to get my legs and head in the right space with a 4k warm-up around the Opera House, Farm Cove and Art Gallery Rd. Was told by some dick that I was running off course - no doubt some busy-body will report me for it even though I hadn't started running yet. Now I really had the shits.

Started off with the feeling that I still had my morning toast in my gut. AM-B flew off leaving me standing still. Saw the HuRTS guys and was sincerely wishing I was running with them.
The toast feeling stayed with me until the stairs by which time I was running very slowly and I had no chance of doing better than 1 point. I did start to feel better though and I ran the final 2.5k pretty well overtaking heaps of people.

Finished with 25:40 or so (I'll have to wait for official results) which was very disappointing.

Had shocking stomach cramps soon after finishing which put paid to any idea I had of joining HuRTS at King St Wharf.

11.5k all up.

My favourite book as a kid was Alexander and the terrible horrible no good very bad day. I may be having one of those.