Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Warrior Beare

Very small crew today (no wonder The Warrior is worried.)

Ran 3 short intervals near the Lookalike before heading over to the PP stairs for 5 sets of singles followed by calf raises. Finished just behind The Tank.

We then did the long loop to the Goldfish park where we did a nasty plank/pushup set.

Another coule of short sprint intervals before a longish run down to Beare Park for 50 pushups, 50s run interval (which was really 90 odd seconds), 50 dips, run, 50 decline, run then run home.

Felt great by the end.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

HuRTS Hills

Slept in this morning and so decided a lunch run was better than a run in.

Joined HuRTS for a make shift hills set where Fats found a hill that went from Hickson Rd, up Pottinger, turning left up the short steep section on Windmill St - about 320m. Timmy instructed us to go hard up and down. 10 reps turned out to be 6.4k and I did it averaging 4:20s which was ok. I was keeping EG and Jimmy in sight and trying to stay ahead of Sonja. It was a fun session where you got to see and encourage everyone else on every lap.

Finished up with a easy run with Timmy, JC and Greg back through CQ and around the OH and back.

10.6k all up.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Narrabeen Lake

Ran with Dr Skins and Harry (riding) around Lake Narrabeen 2x and then Skins and I did an out and back of 6k to get to 23k in 1:57. Legs felt tight by 19k which may have been due to it being so flat. Found that time flew and was feeling good at the end. Very cool day with a top of 13 degrees.

Walked for 4 hours yesterday with Harry around the zoo so I was happy to get this done.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Hard day's night

Out last night with a work function followed by a couple of beers at Le Pub with Tom, Barts, JF, EG, Birchy, Jimmy and Neil P all left me a little worse for wear this morning. I had to record a webcast today at work which sent my nervous energy over the top leaving me feeling even worse by lunchtime.

Headed out anyway with PJ, Jesse, VB, Glen B and Dr Skins for a very easy run via the Navy Base to Rushcutters, around Darling Point, down to DB with a loop of the park, back up Greenoaks, down Loftus finishing with a loop of Mrs Mac's Chair. Warm but windy day; 25 degrees out of the breeze.

Felt shite the entire way.

12.4k in 1:19 - (I said it was very easy)

Thursday, 21 July 2016


Got out at lunch to head up to Observatory Hill to the monkey bars to work on my balancing muscles that I don't work on normally. Hit the pull-ups, chin-ups, glute bridges, curtsy squats, side cycles, planks (2 mins), push-ups, dips, abbs, lower abbs. 45 minutes worth.

Felt great afterwards

Manly 12x500m

Headed out with Maxthedog on a wet winters morning to try and get the body moving ahead of a frankly nasty speed session. Jogged down to North Styene then up to QSC for a pit stop before meeting Tom, Lewis and Ben down at NSSC for the session. Ran South with 500m being 100m past the Shed. Rolled off 2:45s which felt about right.
First rep felt really long and hard and it didn't get any better after that
Pace went

3:53, 3:49, 3:49, 3:44, 3:44, 3:41, 3:42, 3:47, 4:02, 3:51, 3:47, 3:28

Rep 9 was a bit slower due to a toilet stop.

Was about 5-10s behind Ben each time so I wasn't bludging. Raining with lots of puddles wasn't great for fast times. Happy with the effort though. I need to do more morning runs to acclimatise before C2S. Jogged home with Ben and Justin (who was bagging me at every chance he got while he was pottering around doing 19k in 2.5 hours).

10k all up with warmup and cool down.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Run Home

Ran home with Burkey on a balmy winters evening that must have been 18-19 degrees. Pace was up a bit on normal with Burkey pushing it a bit. He can't run behind me for more than 50m before he has to squeeze up along side me regardless of how narrow the path or whoever is coming the other way. One bloke took offence to being brushed past by Burkey and gave us an earful. Anyway we worked reasonably hard without sacrificing the conversation and banter. Rundown Parriwi was solid and we picked up the pace going down Sydney Rd. Got to Manly Wharf 14.6k in 1:15 and home in 1:22 for 15.9 k at 5:11 pace.