Friday, 20 January 2017

Cremorne Point

Pissing rain and only Damo and his mate Mike were keen to run. Met them at Milson's Point and ran around Cremorne Point doing the full loop (out to the point and all the way up Spofforth St). Humid and warm even with the rain.

Felt pretty good. Did some strength stuff at Observatory Hill on the way back.

12k all up in an hour.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

North Head

Was planning to run home but Burkey felt that was a bit too much for him in his post sickness state so we caught the ferry back to Manly and then ran straight around to Shelley and up to North Head. Nice cool evening with a strong southerly blowing. Trails are so good up there. Burkey put the foot down a couple of times and raced away but was nice enough to wait for me.

Looped up the Blue Fish track, along the memorial Walk and around the Fairfax walk before looping up past the café and boardwalk down to the Barracks and down Blue fish to Shelley. A quick dip at Manly and then jogged back to the wharf to pick up the bike.

11k all up

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Started out with Liam, Pete Walker, Champ, some other guy and Phil Dove but that only lasted down the first set of stairs and everyone but Liam just bolted off. Liam and I were chugging along at a good pace given the 35+ temperature but the other guys were out of sight by the top of Wylde St.
With the Nor'easter blowing it was actually pretty nice conditions, even Loftus St didn't feel too bad.

Water at Redleaf was refreshing but compared to the South Coast it is barely swim able (there I said it). Liam and I pushed hard up the hills on the way back but just talked the rest of the way. Felt really good all the way.

12k all up.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Warrior St Mary's

Pretty warm again today. Was feeling fresh though after a 4 day stint down at Mollymook surfing. Pushed hard on most of the running reps although the toughest bit was 3 minutes of continuous 3 pushups, jog 10 metres, 3 pushups, etc.

Wasn't in the good books with Ali this morning thanks to the $433 fine and 3 points for this:

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Monkey Bars

Too hot to run (40 degrees). Went up to Observatory Hill and did a bunch of Chins, Dips, Pushups, pullups, plank, leg raises, curtsy squats, lunges, crunches and a bit of stretching. Stuck to the shade and enjoyed some time outside.

I have to say I feel really good after these sessions. They just stretch everything out, hopefully reversing the ill effects of sitting at my desk all the rest of the day.

Run Home

Hot again in the mid 30s but a nor'easter kept things bearable. Was watching my HR again keeping it below 138 which turned out to be near impossible. Everything was going ok until i was running the hill from Mosman Wharf up to the village and the HR wasn't coming down no matter how slowly I was going. Found it was better to walk a short way get it right down and then start running again. Once it was over 140 it just wouldn't budge.

Things were not looking too good for the climb out of the Spit when my HR was 135 all the way down Pirrawi and I ended up walking some of the hill and the stairs.

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful and I felt pretty good when I made it home

15.6k in 1:30

Monday, 9 January 2017

Warrior Stairs

Holy moly it was hot today and the Warrior just chucked in 5 double stair sets for the first session of the year. There were some serious blow-ups going on which was fun to watch.

Started out with a loop run of the Art Gallery and 50 dips before looping up and down past the power station, wharf, and over to the PP stairs for 1 single set and 1 double set, single and double on the cliff sets, single and double on the Butler before doing a repeat on the Cliff and PP stairs - 10 sets all up. Totally cooked by the end. Overtook guys like Speedy, Rakesh and annoying tall guy and they just blew up badly. Glen B and Quentin held strong and beat me home.

Did another loop run up to Macleay St and back down the PP stairs to the Wharf where we did 30 inclines, 30 dips, 30 declines and loops of the Apartment block stairs between them.

Finished with a swim at Julia Gillard Park.

Jogged home with PJ.