Friday, 19 September 2014

Lost Boys

Met Dr Skins over the Bridge. Holy crap! Almost didn't recognise him. I think we need to bring in the drug testers because James has developed huge shoulders, chest and arms lifting weights 4 times/week. He says he is on a special eating plan with supplements - whatever it is it is working.....

We ran down past Luna Park and then up the stairs to BPR, down past Balls Head and along my old running trail (15 years ago) to Berry Island and Greenwich. Very technical and lots of hills and stairs so it was slow going. The 8th k took 8 minutes. Ended up working bloody hard and it was a relief to come out at Wollstoncraft Station and run back to the Bridge via North Sydney.

14k all up in 1:20.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Manly Strength

Had been neglecting the strength work for a month and it showed today. I was wobbly from the start of the weighted lunges and everything was hard to do. Just Iain, Jono, Shar and their daughter joining today.

Iain put together an interesting session with the usual warm-up followed by 5 reps of the alphabet one foot balance + weighted lunges and three point hops followed by a brutal set of 5 x jumping lunges + frog jumps (20) and side plank leg raises. We then did a 10 minute abb session which also hurt.

Spectacular morning but the water is still pretty bracing.

Liv (left) after winning her Grand Final last week 4-0

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Recovery Run - Corporate Cup

legs felt tired from yesterday and 3 sets of tennis last night.

Beautiful weather. Rolled around the course in 27:46 - 4:42 pace. High Fived Elle near the BCP.

8.4k all up.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

HuRTS 2x20 minutes

Wasn't sure how to pace this since I have no confidence in my fitness. Thought 4:20 average would be a good result. Started out slightly quicker running with BW, Wooey, Jacquie and a couple of new guys. Truck loads of tourists around the passenger terminal made it slow going. Got to the Italian Village - 4.56k @4:22 pace which was ok but I had run 4:40 pace for the last 560m. 3 minutes did me the world of good because Wooey and I ran off fast putting in a couple of 4:00 m/k before we hit the windy area around Farm Cove. Tried to keep the pace up with BW in my sights (who went off 30s early) and with Wooey drafting off me. Felt the pace drop going up past MMC and Wooey gapped me a bit. Ran easy up the hill past the pool and then held the gap to Wooey all the way to the Art Gallery. Mho and Tom came past then and tapped me on the back spurring me to try and hold onto them for the final sprint. Passed BW and caught Wooey right at the gates to finish in 19:15 - 4:13 pace on the way back. Wooey promptly stuck is head in the garden and made spewing noises but then denied actually throwing up.

Had an attempt at a warm-down with Tom, MC, Russell and a couple of others but pulled out just past the pool rather than do the full MMC loop.

13.4k all up.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Combe Laval

My cut foot flared up last night after a big morning surfing and horsing around with Alec. I was struggling to walk on it by dinner. A bit of tea tree oil, rest and dressing and it was much better this AM but decided it was still too sore to run on so I did the Scenic Cycle default option. Combe Laval is certainly the best course I have done and the session just seemed to fly by.

Slightly tired after a late night at North Manly where we were well fed by Kirst and Becca (desert) and richly entertained by the Maccas (Paul and Anna) , Highnams and the neighbours (Jason and Sally). Thankfully Tom refrained from offering a dip in the "swingers spa".

I was disappointed to hear from Kirst that David Chamberlain was so upset about out Manly strength group that he went back to live in the UK (that may be a slight exaggeration).

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Timmy's Test of Torture Tempo

20 minutes of continuous hill repeats and a 5k tempo, I'm surprised anyone turned up. Instead there was a big group of 25 or so looping up and down the grassy hill above the domain car-park - Timmy thought it was about 300m round trip.

Managed a steady effort the entire way having Sonja keeping me honest 4.4k in 20 mins - 4:33 pace felt pretty hard.

Then came the tempo, which turn out to be a disaster. Fell off the back pretty quickly and dropped at 3k - 13:10 or 4:23 pace. Walked back with MC who was feeling crook.

10k all up.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tempo Time

Huge crowd today for the 45 minute and new 60 minute tempo sessions. I was in two minds about turning up after yesterdays 90 squat jumps. With Wooey and Mike Ho (Mo) going I dragged myself out.

Felt hard from the get go as I rolled along at the back with Elle (now 15 weeks pregnant). Temperatures were notably higher which made it harder and without any goals for distance I found myself lacking motivation.. Turned at the Italian Village  needing the loo at CQ so I lost Elle and ran back alone until I caught a guy called Patrick at the pool and we pushed each other to the finish.

9.8k in 43.5 minutes.

12.2k all up.