Friday, 28 April 2017

Wharves, Barangaroo, Darling Harbour and Pyrmont with Hoey

Started out Ok but was feeling tired when we ran into Tym at Pier 2 or 3. Perfect autumn day; sunny and cool. Running around Darling Harbour I was thinking this was a drag but wanted to get some ks in. Bought some new Muzuno Wave Equate shoes at Rebel and wasn't feeling the love from them. They felt a bit stiff straight out of the box, hopefully Ill wear them in. Legs are just tired from Tuesday and Wednesday which shows I cant do two hard sessions in a row.

Ran all the wharves in Pyrmont and then Hoey gave me a short option to cut straight up Harris St but I grit my teeth and ran all the way around to Bank st.

Pretty happy with a tad over 14k in 1:13 - 5:10 average. No fast but tiring.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Monkey Bars

Usual Monkey Bar set with 10,8,6 chins (below par), 3x5 FBW dips, 3x15 pull-ups, 3x10 declines, planks, 5 point hops, glute bridges, side-plank cycles, curtsey squats, pop-ups. Took about 30 minutes.

Did a cool down jog to Barangaroo and back via Hickson Rd and CQ.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Warrior recovery???

Stupid idea to do Warrior today. Plenty of hill and stair running along with 10x100m sprints. I was absolutely struggling all the way on tired legs. Push-ups were ok and abbs stuff was a welcome relief.

ANZAC North Head

Joined Tommy and Justin late on Anzac Day (4pm) for a run up to North Head. Legs felt very springy jogging over to the Lagoon and I figured I must be very fresh running wise, even if my paddling muscles were exhausted. Conditions were warmish with a sprinkle of rain. Pace was solid but not uncomfortable running at 4:30s down to Shelly. The climb out of Shelly (via the road) got the HR up but my breathing was okay even if I dropped behind the boys a little. Took in some streets I didn't know existed; amazing what creatures of habit we are - I always take the bush trail.

The climb up Darly Rd is tough and then it just feels like It goes up and up for the next 3 k. the pace stayed solid and happily I could stay with Tom and Justin after they waited for me at the gates.

Looping around the Fairfax Walk and back down to Darly Rd I decided I would take the short cut to the Bower rather than going all the way back to Shelly to save my legs for tomorrow. Kept the pace up all the way home doing a slow cool-down with Max around the block.

14.6k all up @ 4:45 odd average

HR averaged 141 and peaked at 172.

Bawley cross country

One short run over the Easter - Anzac Day week. Ran with Aaron (Soansie), Jim (McIntosh), Mike (Arthur), Hamish (McKay) and a bunch of the kids (none of mine) from the farm to the Gantry which turned out to be around 4k via the road. Jumped off the Gantry a couple of times and then jogged back alone via the beach and the national park for a measly 7k. We have done a heap of surfing over the last 11 days not leaving much energy for running. Body is feeling great.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Cremorne Point/Mosman Bay

Joined Hoey for a steady run out to Cremorne Point. Mixed it up my running all the way to Mosman Bay rather than turn left up the Spofforth St stairs. Ran through the park and then took the back stairs back up to Royalist Rd. Things got interesting when we were headig down Clarke Rd Hoey was on the wrong side of the street so I took the stairs down to Anderson Park while Hoey ran the road around. With a head start I ran like the rabbit pushing hard all the way up to Milson's Point and across the Bridge breaking all my Strava segment PB's along the way. Sometimes it feels so much better pushing the pace than slogging. HR was still up at 147 when I ran the stairs off the Bridge and I kept it elevated all the way to Grosvenor St running close to 4 min ks.

13k in just over an hour.

Easter Special

Another big stair set over at Woolloomooloo. Felt ordinary on the warm-up but then started to feel better as we went. long run was 2 sets of each of  PP, Cliff and Butler. Bombshell was a run from the Wall of Death up to the Cliff stairs, back up the PP stairs and then down to dog-shit park to eat an Easter egg while doing pushups. By far the hardest thing I have ever done. Felt like I was suffocating.

Ran a slightly longer way home to get up to 9k.