Thursday, 23 February 2017

Run Home MLR

Achilles a bit sore before I even started and hurt most of the way home. I substantially increased my cadence on the downhills to protect it and slowed. The Achilles was far less painful than last week but I was probably a bit slower as well. Ran around Cremorne Point again.

18k all up in 1:45

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Wharves with Hoey and Steve

Loop up past the stone pillars, AGR, pool, MMC, farm cove, OH, CQ and wharves finishing with the out and back at Barangaroo. Much cooler but sunny.

11.1k @ 4:44 pace

Monday, 20 February 2017

Warrior Unexpected

Today two unexpected things happened; Hoey came along for his first (and probably only) Warrior session and we tracked a whole new (or maybe it was actually old) course. Unfortunately it was the easiest session we have had for ages and Hoey didn't raise a sweat. A few intervals, plenty of pushups , but the stair sets were an absolute shambles with 40 people trying to run up and down the CQ stairs. We managed to salvage something down at the Opera House with some alternating between the OH stairs and the Bennelong Stairs.

With lunches on the next 2 days I'm looking to run home on both.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Cremorne Point

Gang was back together; Jesse, PJ, Joe, Damo, Shimi and Youngy on what seemed like a very normal Friday easy run. By the time we got to Cremorne Point Joe had turned back and PJ, Jesse and Shimi were looking for a cab (they actually ran back the short way) leaving Damo, Youngy and I to keep going.

By the stairs at Spofforth St Damo was cramping and Youngy was claiming to have gone too hard. This left me as the only one to run the Spofforth hill while Damo and Youngy took the shortcut.

Running back up Clarke Rd to Milsons Point my wheels started to fall off and I was feeling slightly ill. Walked up the stairs to the Bridge before shuffling back to the CBD with Youngy feeling crap.

Supposed to be the easy run of the week but turned into the hardest. Temperature was over 30 and the humidity was right up as well. A real struggle to keep the HR down averaging 129 with a max of 154.

12.5k all up in 1:10

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Warrior Stairs

Another big set up on the Cahill Expressway, Pylon Stairs and Observatory Hill. Legs were very slow to start but I managed to pick up on the long stair set and "bombshell" set and finished strongly.

Warmup was a 3 minute interval around the triangles with 25 pushups and dips to finish.

Ran up to the Cahill and down the stairs to Macquarie St for 3 sets of the CQ stairs then back up to the Cahill for step-ups at the bus stop.

25 pushups, 25 leg raises, 25 dips, 25 leg raises, 25 declines, 25 leg raises

Ran up the Cahill, down Cumberland stairs, up Pylon Stairs four times with 25 pushups at the top of each. Finished behind Tank, Quentin and Adam.

Calf raise recovery

Tunnel of love run, down/up the Gloucester Stairs, 25 decline pushups, tunnel of love, loop of Cumberland Stairs, Cahill, down Pylon Stairs, 25 decline pushups, up the tunnel of love finishing at Observatory hill.

Hell set of 250 abbs alternating between a crunch and leg raises

Finished with 2 repeats of a run up the hill with 3 pushups on each of 6 cones and a loop around OH

Did some chins and pull-ups on the bars.

Achilles felt really good which I just don't understand at all.

Run Home

Much cooler tonight and that reflected in my HR which averaged just 119 bpm and maxed at 144.
Felt pretty good so I did the Cremorne Point extra loop and toyed with going down to Balmoral and up Awaba but the Achilles started complaining a bit so I canned that idea.

17k in 1:28

Monday, 13 February 2017

HuRTS Monday

Really poor sleep on Friday and Saturday due to extreme heat left me listless and unlikely to run over the weekend. I had designs on running a bit longer today but found the pace at HuRTS took too much out of me (4:30-4:40s) and I could only deal with 14k which is a bit depressing. Although the temperature has dropped the humidity still saps the strength and I was struggling by Barragaroo. Didn't drop at CQ on the way back however but kept running for a loop of the Opera House and back.

Plenty of good banter to take the mind off things. Achilles still a bit sore but responds really well to stretching.

14k at 4:45 pace after slowing for the last 2k