Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Warrior Opera House

Back and hip were hurting this morning and I was dead against any sort of running. Found the idea of going up to the monkey bars a little depressing so I convinced myself I would go to Warrior and just take it really easy on the run intervals. And I did, at least for the first one, in which I came dead last on a triangle double header. A small group made it difficult to hide and my ego got the better of me on the 2nd interval where I took 20 seconds off my time 2:57 to 2:37 and came in 3rd. The next run was down to the Opera House and back up past Government House and then up to the Cahill, down to the CQ stairs and back up to the bus stop. Out sprinted Glen B for 2nd which delighted the Warrior.

The remainder of the session was stairs down at the Opera House which was really old school (pre 9/11 before security closed the Opera House for years)

7.5k of stairs and intervals destroyed me. May not have been a great idea. time will tell.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Run swim run

Jogged to North Sydney pool, swam 1100m and jogged back.

5k of running

Monday, 13 March 2017

Warrior Monday

Feeling weirdly lethargic yesterday. Slept until 10:30 am and then had another snooze around 4pm. Is this just an old man's routine?

With some trepidation I jogged up the hill to join the Warrior session. I figured St Mary's is usually pretty easy and I shouldn't have too much trouble taking it easy. Apart fro the run over there I found myself pushing all the interval sets and sweating like a pig in the humid conditions.

Found myself finishing behind Quenton., Youngy, Glenn, Rakesh and Speedy which is not too bad.

7k all up.

Manly Dam with Max and Dr Skins

Back is still not great but I managed a cautious surf on Saturday at Collaroy in big conditions. A quick trip to Luna Park with the kids for no apparent reason and finally answered a call from Skins to do a run and a swim at Manly Dam. Parked as usual at the water treatment plant and ran the track to the dog swim area where max cooled off before we did the big climb up to the MTB trail. 500m along the MTB trail Skins saw another trail heading up to Alambie on the right so we took it to do a bit of exploring. Big steep fire trail all the way up to the oval at Alambie which then turned into a scenic piece of single trail called the Heath Track which did a nice big loop with great views over the dam and golf course. Ran back down the way we came and had a nice swim back at the Dam before jogging back to the car rounding out 9.5k all up.

Thursday, 9 March 2017


Buggered my back on Sunday surfing (popping up not falling off) which was a disaster because the surf was so good. Had Monday off work hardly able to get out of bed. Struggled in on Tuesday but felt a big improvement Wednesday wit some treatment. Bloody hopeless when your back goes. Today I just needed to get out and get the blood flowing and happily felt much better for it. Ran at 7minute ks to Rushcutters and then jogged around Reg Bartly Oval while HuRTS did there fartlek session. Elle joined me for a few laps taking it far more easily with this baby than the last.

Easy jog back made up 9k all up

Monday, 27 February 2017

More Strength

Pretty similar to Friday. Just a quick session to get my mind straight with another busy work week ahead.

Friday run home

Ran home with Burkey on Friday night taking the slightly short route. Legs felt  lethargic after the lunchtime work and I wasn't coping with a Voltaren I took after lunch for my Achillles; with an elevated HR and copious sweating. The whole Voltaren strategy was a waste of time because the Achilles was sore before we even set off and it gave me hell all the way home. Poor Burkey was practically having to run backwards to go slowly enough.

Running going to be put on ice (like the Achilles) for a while.

15k in 1:20.