Friday, 23 January 2015

Easy Friday

Hot and humid so and easy run felt like enough. Ran with Cam, Joey and Ness around MMC and then over to Rushcutters via the navy base. Came the more direct route back and Ness and Joe pealed off while Cam and I continued back around MMC for 12k all up. Slow no watch.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Run Home

Ran home alone. Usual course. Struggled on the final hill but picked up the pace near then end.

15k in 1:17

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Easy Option

After pushing hard on the stairs yesterday I opted for the easy run with BW today. Ran past HuRTS and got a few queries but pushed on and did the Pyrmont wharves loop. Saw Tom and Barts at their turnaround for the 2x20 - pretty shocking how far those guys get.

Left BW at the Star where he went on to do 19k while I settled for 13k @ 5:00 pace

Monday, 19 January 2015

Warrior stairs

Was pretty tired over the weekend after 3 high intensity sets last week, a game of tennis and a Friday surf. Just serves as a reminder that only 1 or 2 "quality" sessions a week is sustainable.

Felt pretty good today and got better as the day went on. A good mixture of stairs, hills, intervals, abs and strength. Finished behind Glen and Frankie on the final run. Need to start out running with Frankie because I reckon he is a good front runner but would fade if overtaken.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Timmy's Test of Torture Tempo

New HuRTS Thursday session that is a bit long for a Thursday threshold effort. It is 20 minutes of continuous hills from the Domain car park up the grassy hill to the top and back down. Maybe 130m up (the distance isn't that important). We then have a short break of 3 minutes before a 5k tempo run.

I did this a few months ago and DNF'd during the tempo.

Fell off the back of the hill set pretty quickly when everyone sprinted up the first hill but after 15 minutes I was keeping pace with and even overtaking a few. Barts was flying and lapped me 4 times. Managed 4.3k in 20 mins which equates to 4:40/k. Okay I guess in the heat. Certainly felt like I was working. Pleasingly the K splits were all very similar.

In the 5k tempo I went off with a group consisting of J Bowe, Renee, Todd, Champ, James P, Mike Durante and a few others. I thought 21 mins would be a solid effort. We ran on the MMC road loop so it was fairly undulating. The first K went by in 4:04 but it was mostly downhill, after that we ran pretty even 4:15 pace. I again fell off the back but gradually passed all of them (Champ being the most surprising) bar Mike and James by the end. Got back to the pillars in 20:15 but my watch said 4.78k so I bounced of the wall and ran back down AGR to get 5k exactly in 21:10 (4:13 avg).

Thanks to Timmy - felt good to finish.

11.7k all up with warm-up and cool-down

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

HuRTS 14x3 mins

Hot and humid again but some cloud cover and a breeze made it doable

Big group at the start but only the hard core at the end. Barts, Tom, Jono, Macca and a few others did all 14.

I was fairly happy but was slightly inconsistent:

reps went: 721, 755, 760, 742, 751, 751, 747, 737, 778, 741, 755, 721, 771

750 average - 4:00/k 10.5k

Ran with Jacquie O and BW for the first 10.

2nd to last I had to stop for a pee. Good finish leg though.

Cooled off with a swim in the Harbour afterwards.

Warm-down with Barts, Tom and Jono for 15k all up.

Monday, 12 January 2015


Today was a feeble attempt to make up for a lack of a long run on the weekend. I had every opportunity on both Saturday and Sunday but was ultimately too lazy. Boozing Saturday night with the Manly Mexican Fiesta and Sunday afternoon downing red at Hec's left me feeling generally flat. I did manage a short run (4k) with the kids yesterday around Manly Dam in the rain. Great fun with huge puddles and plenty of mud. Swam in the Dam afterwards which was like a bath.

I ran 5k prior to Warrior today around the OH, MMC and AGR and then pushed really hard on the stair set. 3 sets of Butler, 3 sets of Cliff and 3 sets of the Stairway to Heaven. I came in 2nd but was totally rooted. The push-ups stuffed me too since I haven't done one for a month so when we did a 10 minute continuous stair set to finish, I was gone after 2 minutes and just jogged back to the office.

90 minutes of hard work all up but no substitute for a long run.