Thursday, 8 December 2016

Monkey bars

Only had a short window to get something in at lunch time. Jogged up to Observatory Hill and worked some pull-ups, push-ups, curtsy squats, chin-ups, box jumps, plank, leg raises. Then went down to the Bridge stairs and banged out 5 reps before jogging home.

Trying to drop some weight so have gone cold turkey on carbs. It's definitely challenging.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Steady run over to Redleaf via the Navy base with Hoey, Jimmy, Elle, Bruce, JW and a couple of other guys. Cooler conditions but the swim was still great. Less intense than the Smolly session.

12k all up.

Tuesday Strength

Nice morning with Alec down early (5:45) at Manly Lagoon. Put in a good strength session of warm-up weights, push-ups, dips, chins, frog leaps, lunges, boxing, sit-ups, pull-ups. Finished off with a jog the Queensie and refreshing dip. Impressed with Alec getting up so early on school holidays.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Warrior St Marys

100% humidity and 34 degrees made for unpleasant conditions. A bit of shade around so it was bearable. Lots of the usual figure 8s and interval work. Walked back to the office.

3 Points Challenge 2016

One of Warrior's favourite expressions is: "Expect the unexpected". Having done 3 Points 6 times before I wasn't expecting anything different so I was caught off guard when the run course changed to include a big soft-sand sand dune and the swim legs were much longer, especially Freshwater.

The water was really choppy and the tide was high so the ocean swim was late finishing. I was feeling pretty nervous having not swum for the best part of a year. I was relying completely on my surfing fitness to get me through the swimming.

Great community event keeps me coming back. Small enough to still have a local feel. Chatted to everyone I knew on the beach waiting for the start. Biggsy, Jesse, Joe, Mike H, Greta T, Wayne, Paul H. Not too hot, overcast and light breeze made for great conditions.

Going off in waves as usual except the over 50s went off first and the 40-49 last. No chance of going head to head with Wayne. Was still standing on the beach when Wayne came out of the water first. Joe told me he has been doing plenty of swim squads and it showed.

Lined up (for the last time) in wave 9 next to Jesse slightly appalled at the look of the first swim. At least 450m and we were going to do it twice. The first bombshell of the day was that the South Curly swim was cancelled and the event now consisted of a North Curly swim, an extended run to Freshwater, swim, run back to North Curly and finish with a reverse of the original swim. This year was a huge boon to the swimmers over the runners with much more swimming involved.

Gun goes for wave 9 and I let the group charge off. I've been on antibiotics and figured I would ease into it this year. With no obvious rip and not much swell you really had to swim the whole way this year too. A mass of bodies rounding the first can was the only bad bit of the race as numbers thinned from then on. Hit the beach feeling good and bolted up to transition. Shoes went on in a second and I took off down the road aiming to pass a few guys before the soft sand and single track. It's so funny how race mode and competitive juices start flowing despite my best intentions to go easy and just enjoy the event.

Usual course that runs up to the main road, crosses the bridge and then goes into the lantana reserve for a couple of ks of cross country. The difference this year was we ran down to the dog lagoon, along the water and then took a hard right straight up the big sand dune. Shoes were full of sand after that and I took the first opportunity to shake them out when we hit the path on the other side. Put the foot down on the new path to South Curly and overtook plenty. The nice thing about starting in wave 9 is the continual overtaking. By the time I hit the car-park at Freshie I was right behind Jesse and I even beat him into the water and stayed in front for a while I porpoise dived through the early shallows. Once the swimming started he quickly pulled ahead. If the first swim was a shock the Freshie swim was scary. I literally couldn't see the cans from the beach they were so far out; Way out past the point. Jesse measured that swim at 700m but it felt way way longer.

I just put my head down and tried to relax, hoping to keep going until I finished. The first can took forever to come up and from there the beach looked miles away. Latched onto some feet and rolled the arms over and tried not to kick too hard. I could see from the headland I was moving forward so I just went with it.

The beach was a big relief. No sign of Jesse so I got on with it and ran as hard as I could up to Freshie headland. The down hill into South Curly is a good place to push hard and then the path to the soft sand run feels relatively short. Dropped my shoes at the beach entrance and ran the 300m of soft sand to the transition area and final swim. Was right behind Jesse again but my race with him was over baring him going way off course.

The final swim was a survival exercise but I found myself going head to head with some unknown swimmer as we went for the beach. Crossed the line spent having given it everything.

Milled around for a while catching up with everyone. Greta has an unbelievable event. She is obviously an extremely capable swimmer as well as runner coming in 8th woman.

My Garmin recorded 62 seconds of my race which was annoying. When the results came out I was 107th overall (out of 400+) and 18th in my age group in 59 mins dead.

Results went:

Biggsy: 52:01
Greta:    52:37
Joe:        54:41
Jesse:     57:51
Me:        59:00
Wayne:   60:50
Mike H:  61:02

Friday, 2 December 2016

Cremorne Point swim

Reverse route to CP with PJ, Skins, Joe, Zoe, Jesse and Keith. Dived off the wharf at Old Cremorne for a relieving swim (it was 36 degrees) and then ran the longer way back. It was hot and Joe, Jesse and I are doing 3 Points tomorrow so we took it very slowly.

11.5k all up

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Monkey Bars Strength

Achilles is ok but went up to Observatory Hill for some strength work.

4x15 pull-ups, 3x10 push-ups & dips, 3x10 declines, 3x15 incline leg raises, 3x5 chin-ups, 15 curtsy squats on each leg, 10 lunges on each leg, 2x20 flat leg raises.

Ran 5 sets of stairs on the Pylon stairs. Jogged home alternating between bum kick running and knee lift skipping. Had a stretch in the park after doing 5x5 hops on each foot.