Friday, 12 December 2014

The only thing stopping you is the six inches between your ears

Plans to run home last night went out the window when Ali wanted me to buy 3 tennis racquets on my way home. So with a very easy week behind me I was fresh and keen to run today. Hoey and I met Joe and Ness before running over the bridge and picking up Dr Skins and doing the Cremorne Point loop. Joe and Ness turned early so Dr Skins, Mike and I were able to push the hills a bit. After doing the loop around the park on the way back we pushed all the way up to the station where we dropped James off. Mike spotted Garth and MC on the Bridge so we had to run them down as a matter of principal, despite the solid headwind.

Felt good today for 12.6 in 1:05 and 13k all up.

Off to QLD tomorrow for two weeks at Noosa via the Gold Coast.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Last Warrior session of 2014

Great session that was just what the doctor ordered. Huge turnout with all the regulars. ran over to Rushcutters and had stairs, a loop of Loftus, intervals, chin-ups, plenty of dips and push-ups and abbs. Felt back to normal and the old body responded well when I pushed it. 

Great game of tennis last night with Hec and I taking the first 7-5 and then leading the tie break 6-3 in the second when the lights went out.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Beer Logged

Too many beers Friday, Saturday and Sunday has left me feeling bloated. I was too hung-over to run 3 Points this year which was a tragedy. Alec wasn't keen either after having two mates for a sleepover.

Went out today in 31 degrees with HuRTS and found I could not keep up by the passenger terminal. My gut felt like it did on Friday night. Sat on the step for a minute before jogging back easily.

10k in 48 mins.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Beer Mile

Holy crap so much worse than I imagined. I had ambitions of breaking 7 minutes, but when it came to running with a gut full of beer my ambitions became a joke. I ran the entire way with beer froth coming out of my mouth desperately trying not to spew. It was horrible.

Great turnout on a rainy Friday with lightning and everything. CT, Macca, Tom, CLow, Jono Ol, Reno, Corky, Quentin, Alex, Muz, Kroney, Sonja, Greg, and I have forgotten who else. Suspect course but who cares?

I was quick on the skull but was quickly overtaken on the run. Everyone was better than me it was embarrassing. I hardly noticed the run trying desperately not to throw up while having beer froth foaming out of my mouth. There must be an easier way.

Was cruising to the finish when Corky O'Conner came flying by and I was forced into a sprint finish with 100m to go. Happily I held her off by cm. Sonja was just behind. 8:43 on my watch - so much more difficult that I had imagined. Great fun though.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

You broke your mothers heart...dont break mine!

Balls Head run introducing Hoey to one of the better North Shore loops.

Mike pushed the hills but was kind enough to let me catch up on the flats (not that there are many)

Humid as hell and Chis H would not believe that I hadn't gone swimming in my clothes when we got back

11.7k in 1:04

HuRTS Beer Mile is on tomorrow. Timmy's form book for the field:

1.       Tom ‘Chairman’ Highnam – the class runner of the field although he needs to be as his drinking capacity is pretty poor (must be his Geordie upbringing?) Most likely be leading the field running but could be asleep by the time the 3rd beer comes along. With a  start time of 5.45pm, the taxi has been pre booked for 6. Latest Odds – 4/1  OR ( even money that he falls sleep)

2.       Chris ‘C.T’ Truscott – Another of the class runners although still needs to shake the Munich Oktoberfest monkey off his back after having a shocker that saw him retire by mid afternoon. Won’t die wondering and will be sure to be in the mix as the end. Latest 7/2

3.       Quentin ‘Superman’ Reeve – HuRTS Performer of the Year and will see him enter the race as favorite. Sure to have a big fan base and will be keen to add to his trophy cabinet with the ‘Oliver Reed’ Beer Mile Cup – Latest 5/2

4.       Charlie ‘The Warrior’ Dalziell – Doesn’t’ quiet have the running capacity to trouble the big guys…. But certainly the stomach capacity to cause an upset. Might be better if we had to do 200 sit ups, 6000 chin ups and 5 minutes of ‘Planking’ along the way.-  Latest 12/1

5.       Greg ‘Inky’ Inkson – See above …..(only bigger ) latest 33/1

6.       Jacqueline ‘Corky’ O’Conner – Irelands big female hope, and just the fact she’s Irish will mean she will be able to drink with the best of  them. Slipped a bit in the running rankings but made up for it with a 4 month holiday drinking every day – Latest 20/1 (or 4/7 first lady home)

7.       Zoe ‘Dark Destroyer’ Williams – We’ve wheeled England’s finest female in to counteract any Irish skullduggery, ‘The Northern Lass’ is on the injury table at the moment but will tough it out and even suggested she eat a ‘Meat Pie’ to make her feel at home on each lap to go with her ‘Tinny’ – Latest 25/1

8.       Erika ‘Ekland’ Jordan – HuRTS Female runner of the Year, another class act although drinking with those North Shore boys may have softened her up on the drinking stakes ? 25/1

9.       Sonya ‘The Crab’ Van Beek – Kiwi entry and this girl will just about travel anywhere for a good social event, racked up more miles than Catriona Rowntree on Getaway. Running well and may even chuck a few glasses of bubbles in with the beer to add to the night. Latest 33/1 **Please note, the crab is in reference to her swimming ability and sighting

10.   Emma ‘Bling’ Brown – another of the English imports and this girl does know how to dispose of the beers, A case a night is the norm for Emma and we may have to get someone to remove her from the Oval come Friday morning as she still may be celebrating. Latest 50/1

11.   Renaud ‘Allo Allo’’ Herington. The King of the 2.5k Weetbix Cup moves back to shorter distances as without the training may struggle for anything further then the mile. Average drinker (on Munich form) but will surely be smiling the whole way with that stupid grin he carries with him everywhere. Latest 66/1

12.   Paul ‘Macca’ McClarnon – Irelands toughest and fastest Marathoner will carry the Emerald Island hopes, Is there nothing this man can’t do? A heart as big as Phar Laps, Will feature for sure – Latest 5/1

13.   Jono ‘Muscles’ O’Loughlin – Newest member to the team and comes with high hopes, build like a ‘Brick $h!t House’ and will be good for future nights out to keep those ‘Perpetual Pests (Durante and Thurston) in order. Would be happier if he had to carry a case of beer for each lap instead of drinking a single can, Could surprise – Latest 9/1

14.   Alex ‘Ding-Dong’ Abell – No form for the youngster but could sneak in and rort the bookies, But we’ll take the chance and offer 100/1

15.   Anthony ‘Muzza Murrell – A HuRTS favorite , brilliant runner and loves a social but rumour is he can’t skull a beer that could make it tough for the resident “Shire Head’ . The peoples champion is Muzza so the sentimental favorite – Latest 8/1

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The quest for the chest continues

Warrior stairs today. 110 dips to start and then ran down the stairs around the apartment block and over for 3 sets of the PP stairs, 30 pushups, 3 sets of the Cliff stairs, 30 pushups, 3 sets of the Butler stairs, 30 pushups, and 3 sets of the PP stairs again, 30 pushups. I tacked on an additional 2 reps of the PP stairs for fun. Started at the back and worked my way up to 3rd behind Glenn and Frankie. We did a few calf raises and then did another run loop back to the wharf before finishing with 30 inclines, dips and declines.

31 again. Saturated.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Still got it! 14x3 mins

14x3 minutes today after 6 days off running due to me being a lazy bastardo.

Temp was 31 degrees but the breeze didn't make it feel that hot until about rep 8, then it felt like I was cooking.

I was reasonably consistent getting to the fence on the right (and the shade) without feeling like I was pushing beyond myself - 770m or so per rep (according to my estimates on mapmyrun) but faded to 760 for the penultimate 3, lifting to 800 on the final rep. Ran largely with Renee, JBo, Shona, Liam and a couple of others.

10.84k in 42 minutes - 3:52 pace

Jumped into the Harbour with MC, Macca and Jono afterwards and then Jono and I grabbed 2 free Weis bars from the promotions tent at CQ on the way back.

13k all up.