Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Corporate Cup - Warrior

Felt pretty awful at Corporate Cup and didn't feel I had any chance of hitting my 24:55 target. It didn't help that I had to tie my shoelace heading down Art Gallery Rd. Went through 1 k in 4:37 and k2 in 4:08 so it was very slow for the fastest sections. I had pretty much given up but wanted to push on just in case. k3 was ok in 4:38 and then k4 was good in 4:01 but I was really struggling. Ran the hill well putting in a 4:15 and suddenly found myself running up the back straight with plenty to spare coming in in 24:35. Slower start but stronger back end but I was smashed.

Jogged slowly down to the Art Gallery to meet the Warrior session and was quickly at the back of the group on the first run after 100 UBMs. Did a bunch of shuttle runs with burpees, squat jumps, planks and other stuff. Was totally stuffed when I jogged back to work after 90 odd minutes of hard work and 12k of running.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Warrior Lost

No email and Warrior's hip not yet fully functional, we spent the first 15 minutes checking all the usual haunts trying to find the old boy. Eventually found him at the Stairway to Heaven and started to wish he had stayed lost:)

3 sets of the PP stairs, cliff stair loop, 25 push-ups, repeat all 2 more times for 9 sets of stairs. I stupidly chucked in a bonus set waiting for the back markers. I say stupidly because after 50 calf raises we went into a Snake which consists of a running loop which includes the Cliff, Butler and PP stairs. I was staggering into the finish of that one.

A bunch of push-ups and dips another couple of run loops followed by some abs and we all staggered home.

Felt pretty crap but ran Ok finishing behind Cam and Glen B.

Detox run

Had a lurgy since Wednesday but finally felt up to an easy run on Sunday. Ran with Max-The-Dog up around Passmore twice, Nolans out-and-back and then down QC reserve to the beach. Max stopped at North Steyne so I took him home and then continued down to Shelly. Ran into James from Warrior and then Burkey who is now on 3 months gardening leave (lucky bastardo).

Caught the best part of the day between showers and ended up being out for about 75 minutes for just 12k (I'm guessing). Felt much better for the outing.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

HuRTS Progressive tempo

Legs are feeling sore after yesterday so I wasn't expecting to run well. Started out running in a group with Birchy, Sonja, Jaquie O, Pete W,  Big Sam and a few others until CQ where I had to stop for a pee. Regrouped with Renee, Liam and Christian until the turnaround at 23:15 just past the bridge and then picked up the pace. Birchy joined me after he had stopped with LJ who looked injured and we ran together til he pulled away at the finish.

Laps went:

4:20, 4:26, 4:20, 4:26, 5:37 (pee stop), 4:18, 4:03, 3:57, 4:09, 4:20

Arrived back with 24s to spare. Even so I was overtaken at the end by plenty of others.

10.4k in 44:36 - 4:17 pace.

12.8k all up.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Phil Dove old-man strength session

I thought a strength session designed by Phil Dove would be worth turning up to.....and it was.

Experience tells me ill be struggling to walk tomorrow.

Old men such as Pete walker, MC, Phil and me with a mix of youth; Mr Ace and Champ

Lots of lunges, squat jumps, burpees, pushups, planks, sit-ups and hill running. Only lasted 40 minutes but I was pretty stuffed

Friday, 12 June 2015

Friday Run to Work

Joined Burkey and fresh-off-the-boat Irishman and new Manly resident Bryan at 6:30am. Cool early, slightly overcast so not cold but it took me a while to warm-up. I started to feel comfortable on the run up to Mosman.

Ran the usual route via Balgowlah Heights, Spit Bridge but then did a nasty drop into Balmoral via Mandalong and then back out up the bush trail. Felt ok and the banter was good. Bryan rowed for Ireland so he was doing it easily. I struggled a bit going up to the Bridge but then pulled  myself together.

16.5k in 1:29 - 5:29 pace.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Corporate Cup and Stairs (again)

Mixed conditions for running with it being cold and drizzling rain. Started out fast at CC running with Matt doing 3:53 and 3:50 for Ks 1 & 2. Slowed a bit on K 3 with 4:33 (which includes the stairs), the 4:01 and 4:27 up the hill and the 3:35 for the final 900m for 24:20 - 4:07 average. Felt yesterdays effort and was slower in the back half than last time but only 10s slower overall.

It was an interesting test for Matt who was with me for the first two K but when he heard the 2nd K split he dropped back despite clearly running well. He finished 30s behind me and really should have stayed with me the entire way. Watches can be a handicap.

Afterwards I joined Frankie's warrior session and knocked out 50 dips and 50 declines before running 3 sets of the Butler stairs, 3 sets of the Cliff stairs and 3 sets of the PP stairs. 50 dips, declines and inclines at the wall of death and I was done.

11k plus stairs by my reckoning.