Friday, 27 November 2015

Run Home

Ran home Thursday night after the temperature dropped from 39 degrees to 25. Had a Southerly winging me home so it felt very easy. The only issue I had was my headphones mucking up.

14.5k - ran straight down Burnt Creek Deviation instead of White St for a change.

Perfect evening for a run.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Warrior Stairs



Sometimes Warrior says it best - "First stop Art Gallery - Then I'm unleashing hell!!!" 


Expect the unexpected

With that email message from Jesse this morning the numbers were down a bit today. 35 degrees and running the stairs was always going to be a challenge especially since I was unsure if I was feeling okay. Turns out I was.

We did a couple of dip and run sets near the Art Gallery before running over to the stairs. 3 sets of the PP stairs (all singles), 25 pushups, 2 sets of the Cliff stairs (doubles), 20 pushups, 1 set of the Butler stairs (alternating), 15 pushups, 2 sets of Cliff again, 20 pushups, 3 sets of PP stairs, 25 pushups. Came in 3rd behind Jesse and Luke B.

50 decline pushups on the Wall-of-Death and 50 dips and a loop run finishing with a 90 second spider and we only had time left to run home.

Felt good by the end. 

Monday, 23 November 2015

St Mary's

Smaller than normal group today. Warm with a northeaster breeze. I was feeling tired over the weekend and only got out for a surf last night by way of any exercise. Managed to back it up with another surf this morning at 5:30. Freshie beach turned on a bit of swell that had Dr Skins and "yewing" all over the place.

Today a Warrior I wasn't sure how I was going. Pushed hard on the opening 8 minute loop of the figure 8 but then, still feeling a bit weak, just took it fairly easy for the remainder. When it was all done I was uncomfortably tired.

Friday, 20 November 2015


Same as the last 2 weeks. This time with Jesse and Joe. It was supposed to be 40 degrees today but it only felt like 28. 6k of running 1k swim.

Jesse and Joe swam 500m to my 400m. Depressing.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

JPM Photos

Some serious faces Barts, Quentin, Rich, Macca, Tom, Crossy
Jeff Hunt pushed to the back. 

First K
Wooey moves ahead

Chasing Renee
Closing in

Final turn chasing DK

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


36 degrees today so a swim was the best option. The lure of Redleaf won over Warrior today.

MC, Hoey, Tom, Tym, Bruce, Nathan, Handy, JW all ran the long way to Redleaf via Darling Point - 6.9k. We spent way too long in the water because even though we ran the short way back (5k) I didn't get back to the building until almost 2pm.

Very easy pace for 12k in 1:10 or so.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

HuRTS Fartlek

1 min on 30s off x 30.

A fair bit warmer today but a strong nor'easter kept it sane.

Started out with a group of Matt, Wooey, Birchy and a couple of others and the pace felt solid. Jono Woodhouse joined us and the pace remained up there.

We turned at the water on Hickson Rd past Pier 1 which is around 5.5k (4:05 pace) and immediately felt the headwind. The run back was a complete slog. I tried to hold it together but I told Jono to go at the Fleet stairs when I was being caught by lots of faster guys. Passed Matt who was in a world of hurt on the flat before the pool. Wooey was going strong.

The climb back up past the pool was very tough and I was just wanting to finish by the overpass.

Ended up 100m short at 45 minutes which was okay.

10.9k in 45 mins (4:08 pace)

13.2k all up.